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6-Characters minimum on editing with tag edit

I tried to edit a question because it was tagged badly. It seemed mostly fine otherwise, though I decided to fix 2 punctuation and one capitalization errors (which would not normally warrant a ...
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Could we be doing our tag edits better?

This came up on chat, and well, there's a few issues to be raised. Folk who're editing tags tend to get adviced to edit a few tags at a time, and it kinda worked - we've having more people editing ...
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What is the difference between [profile] and [user-profiles]? Which to keep?

There are some questions tagged with both [profile] and [user-profiles]. See also: profile & user-profiles (Please note that I retagged some questions from user-profile to user-profiles as per ...
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What is the difference between the file-types and filetype tags?

What is the difference between the file-types and filetype tags? Is it best to leave them as two separate tags or merge them together?
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Edits must be at least 6 characters when only editing tags?

I tried to retag this question to add the windows and windows-xp tags, but it wouldn't let me submit my edit because it said that it was less than 6 characters: At first I thought that it was because ...
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