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Questions tagged [review-audits]

Test items in review queues that are designed to help new reviewers hone their moderation skills, while nudging more experienced users that don't seem to be paying close attention to what they're reviewing.

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Design flaw in the review audit system

My question is a little different from this previous Meta question: Commenting on a high quality audit. A high-quality question was masqueraded as a new question. All of the previous comments and ...
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Yet Another Bad Audit – It was wrong to agree with a moderator

I just got this question – Conversion from WebM to MP4 in Ubuntu is slow and bad quality – in the Reopen Review Queue.  The question displays a command and its CLI output, and makes an attempt to ...
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How do we better educate new Reviewers in the Review queues?

It seems from comments that there may be confusion over who I think needs educating. I mean the reviewers, not the users. We currently have epidemic numbers of terrible reviews, with a stunningly low ...
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Review Audit Failure

I just failed a review audit on this Hard drive clicking for 16 times during startup I was just adding a comment to ask the OP if they could add their screenshots to the SE Imgur. Other than that I ...
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Update the 'invalid edit' audits?

The audits for 'invalid edits' always have the same pattern: randomly inserted texts They take a long time to load (5-10 seconds) instead of the almost instantaneous 'next'. This means somebody ...
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SuperUser has wrong answer in one of its tests

I was just volunteering some time reviewing First Posts, and SuperUser presented an answer regarding not Broadcasting SSID's. The answer was technically correct, but very misleading. I took my time ...
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4 votes
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I am confused why I failed this audit

I received this audit in the First Answers queue: I am sure I downvoted the post, and it has in fact been deleted. So why did I fail it?
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Review Audit Test failed - Why

I just failed this review audit, but I think that it probably is designed wrong as I wanted to Share Feedback that the answer needs supporting information, as there is no source linked to the claim ...
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Right answer picked up wrongly as an audit, because somebody marked it as a new question?

This answer appeared in the First Post queue: Change it the way you would your videos library by right-clicking the folder on your hard drive, choosing properties and selecting the location tab. ...
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Too sneaky review audits

I was reviewing a first post, and it showed a post by user....... The answer looked OK, but I clicked the link to the question to see the other answers, and there was the exact same post by LPChip. So ...
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Invalid review question? Can it be removed from the audit queue?

The answer in this review looks good enough to me - unless there is a context where this suggestion has been 'answered' so often that it is spam, but that cannot be seen from the audit. It's not the ...
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Strange behaviour of audit

In first questions review, I've downvoted the following question and I got: What's wrong to downvote such a question?
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Bad review audit question?

I just failed this close vote review question I voted to close as opinion based and failed the review. The core of the question asks "What are the technical ...
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How does the review ban work?

When one makes too many incorrect reviews, one gets banned from reviewing for a period of time. I believe that this is valid and correct action. However I am a curious person and I am interested to ...
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Suggested Edit 'This item is not reviewable'

I was in the Suggested Edits Review Queue, completed one review and clicked 'Next'. It took a bit of time to get to the next one and this is what it was: This is obviously supposed to be an audit (I ...
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How could I have failed this review audit?

Recently I was reviewing this post and I got result as failed. What I observed as per this one post was: The original poster provided instructions. The original poster provided how to access the ...
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