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Test items in review queues that are designed to help new reviewers hone their moderation skills, while nudging more experienced users that don't seem to be paying close attention to what they're reviewing.

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How does the review ban work?

When one makes too many incorrect reviews, one gets banned from reviewing for a period of time. I believe that this is valid and correct action. However I am a curious person and I am interested to ...
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Suggested Edit 'This item is not reviewable'

I was in the Suggested Edits Review Queue, completed one review and clicked 'Next'. It took a bit of time to get to the next one and this is what it was: This is obviously supposed to be an audit (I ...
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Are close vote audits too obvious/confusing? [duplicate]

I see something like this very often: This question is in the review queue, but it shows as already closed. Still, I can leave it open or close it. At first this is confusing, after two or three of ...
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How can a user find out their quality control rating?

While reviewing some first-post questions and answers, I happened across one of the quality control items (good answer, so I upvoted, and was told that it had been a quality control test). So, I'm ...
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Why did I fail this review audit?

I was doing a Late Answers run when i came across this review which was an answer to this question go to windows setting -language -add language look if the language is different than the keyboard ...
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Why was this First Post deleted even if it does not deserve deletion?

I was reviewing First Posts today and stumbled on this answer as a review audit. To me, it seems like such an answer would be allowed as: it isn't spam or offensive, it is an answer, as it eventually ...
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Review "This post is locked"

I had a problem when trying to edit a new users post in reviewing. Any time I attempted it said "this post is locked". Anyone know why?
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How could I have failed this review audit?

Recently I was reviewing this post and I got result as failed. What I observed as per this one post was: The original poster provided instructions. The original poster provided how to access the ...
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Failed audit for trying to "improve" it

I was trying to edit away the "Thank you" when I came across this audit. Obviously it was an audit, but I figured that improving it would not mark it as incorrect. Apparently, improving counts as a ...
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