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Linking to revision diffs

It's possible to link to certain revisions of a post. For example, here I can copy links to revision 1 and revision 2. Unfortunately, it is not possible to link to the diff between two revisions, ...
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1 answer

Differences between plain-text diff and formatted diff

Plain-text diff and formatted diff produce different results in what they consider was added. I wondered about the following editing diff in a recent post of mine: I clearly added a sentence to ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Rollbacks are not shown as revisions in a user profile's responses view

This post has been edited, and afterwards was rolled back: Revision 3, the rollback of the previous edit, does not show up in my user profile's responses » revisions list:
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4 votes
1 answer

Empty editing description of post's first revision

When viewing a specific revision, the description entered by the user is displayed. Even if it's revision 1, the original post, with no editing description. Depending on the site style used, this ...
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How to know how many edits where made on my question?

Is there a way to know how many edits were made on one of my posts?
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Why is the revision list empty for 225512?

Why is the revision list for Super User question 225512 empty? Platform: Firefox 3.6. Windows XP Professional 64-bit, SP 2.
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2 votes
1 answer

What means "Post Merged (destination)" in the revision history?

Time to post my first question on Meta... This question has two revisions, where the second one is only 5 minutes newer (9:13 vs. 9:18am). However, when I answered the question some hours later (2:...
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Possible bug in inserting link over selected text

I experienced a bit of really weird behavior on superuser this morning. I created a new ticket, and in that ticket I had made two links. The first link I added after typing some stuff, and I made it ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Remove accidental rollback to previous revision

In this question Does Windows Firewall fully block Windows Telemetry?, I wanted to edit my answer. But suddenly my PC's cursor glitches and I clicked to rollback and delete option of that answer. Now ...
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Is there a way to "merge" revisions?

Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I tend to edit my own answers multiple times; amending typos, working over the layout and so on. Every edit creates a new revision, even if it was only a slight typo ...
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How could I have failed this review audit?

Recently I was reviewing this post and I got result as failed. What I observed as per this one post was: The original poster provided instructions. The original poster provided how to access the ...
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