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For questions whether specific topics are in scope in superuser.

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Superuser vs Unix/Linux vs Ubuntu - revisited

10 years ago at the time of writing, this question was asked: Superuser vs Unix/Linux vs Ubuntu regarding the distinction and overlap of scope between the three StackExchange website. The accepted ...
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Are the policies on product recommendations from 2011 and 2012 still good for 2015?

I noticed both the software rec and hardware rec tags exist and that they reference these two meta posts: How do I ask a question that may require recommending software? (2012) What is the difference ...
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Why was this hardware-recommendation question closed as off-topic, and how could I improve it?

I have a hardware-related question. I want to know whether and how Thunderbolt 3 connectivity can be added to my PC setup. This answer says that questions regarding computer hardware can be asked on ...
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What is the problem with this question?

Can someone explain with words, how is this question: NFS Server/Client administration of multiple machines through a GUI ... off-topic from SuperUser? Just to clearly point out that I've read the ...
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Hackintosh vs. fair use

Note: Cross-posted on SE Law to get thoughts from legal experts there. Follow up question to Revisit the Hackintosh policy. Use case: I create a userscript (in a [licenced] Windows or a Linux) and ...
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How to know where my question belongs to

Is there some decision diagram, how to determine where my question belongs to? Often it's hard to decide if my question is for Superuser × Stack Overflow, Superuser × Android Enthusiast × Ask ...
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Asking about replacement/change of Micro-USB and USB-C on topic?

I have a small Bluetooth device that is currently in need of a replacement charge port. it is currently using a Micro-USB port, but I thought I might be able to upgrade to a USB-C port instead (purely ...
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List guess-the-application as off-topic in the FAQ list

The answer to "Are 'Guessing Game' type questions allowed on SU?" says guessing-the-software questions are banned. Fine, but that information should be in the FAQ list under "and it is not about" or ...
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