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For questions whether specific topics are in scope in superuser.

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List guess-the-application as off-topic in the FAQ list

The answer to "Are 'Guessing Game' type questions allowed on SU?" says guessing-the-software questions are banned. Fine, but that information should be in the FAQ list under "and it is not about" or ...
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Running A Linux Based Distro On A Samsung Chromebook?

I would like to ask the following question on Superuser, but before posting would like to know if it is suitable or not: Is it possible to run a linux based distro eg Ubuntu on a Samsung Chromebook ...
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Where do questions about OS X's Automator belong?

Where do questions about scripts/programs written in Automator belong? They could belong on StackOverflow, as they're a sort of programming. on SuperUser, as they are often used to automate lengthy/...
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Confused where to ask question!

There are A LOT OF forums for asking our questions about computers! Sometimes I really get confused where to ask to get the best answer in the shortest time. For example, I have a question about ...
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Is asking for technical support okay?

A friend of mine has a problem with some Windows shenanigans, with a particular BSOD error and a driver. (We've all been there) Is SuperUser the appropriate forum to ask for a solution/answer/...
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GitHub Questions?

Something crazy weird just happened to me on GitHub yesterday. I'm not sure if I can understand what exactly happened; the audit trail looks ... self-incriminating. Is this the right place to ask ...
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Can we make Raspberry Pi questions off-topic and avoid hurting Raspberry Pi.SE?

If we were to accept Raspberry Pi questions as on-topic, we would be taking a huge amount of traffic away from the Raspberry Pi.SE community. People will find our community instead of theirs, our ...
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Are tool requests on topic?

Are questions asking for a particular tool providing certain functionality on topic or not? I don't use SuperSure.SE often so I'm not entirely sure what is in scope and what isn't. The faq made me ...
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Ambiguity between SuperUser and Unix/Linux

I have a doubt of what exactly is the scope of SU and Unix/Linux Websites, when it comes to Questions about Unix. I have seen a few questions, one example is I need to rename all image files in a ...
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What is the difference between Super User and Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the difference between Super User and Stack Overflow? I've discovered that there is and and perhaps many other ...
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Asking about a specific virus when others are closed

After searching virus questions on Super User, I've noticed that many are closed. Is this site the place to ask a question about a specific virus on a home PC running Window 7? Specifically, I want ...
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Where to ask a question that pertains to Windows and Android?

Where would I ask a question about a Windows based software that can enable me to send SMS via my Android phone which is physically connected to the PC? Would it be here on Super User or on Android SE ...
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3 answers

Why is this question off topic?

I don't know why the following question is off topic: I thought a system administrator was a super user. Are there any Stack Exchange sites I can migrate ...
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4 answers

Please vote on proposed changes to our policy on tablet computers

We recently asked how you feel about questions regarding Windows 8 on ARM. After looking through the answers and comments there, and some lengthy discussion amongst the moderators, we've come up with ...
48 votes
2 answers

How are we going to deal with Windows 8 on ARM?

Just to get this discussion going, before the product actually launches and we have to make hasty decisions. As a reference, here's the previous discussion: Should Tablet Computer questions be allowed ...
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Why was this question about sharing internet connection to a phone not closed as off topic? [closed]

These two questions: Use PC internet on mobile phone via bluetooth sharing internet connection to browse internet on my phone The second question was closed as off topic, which means is not supposed ...
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1 answer

Questions about Small Business environments on topic?

Are small business environment questions on topic for SU, or should they be put onto SF (with a server)? Just in case anyone is wondering, the question is
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Should questions about using a gaming console as a PC be allowed?

As you all probably know, gaming questions have long been off-topic on SuperUser. This has included questions limited to consoles, even though they are technically "computers". I generally ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Should humorous/funny questions be deleted from Super User?

I was browsing through some recently deleted questions, and found this one: What is your most spectacular or interesting death of a computing device? What is your most spectacular or ...
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2 answers

How is the term "Computer" defined on Super User?

The arguments over whether a tablet counts as a computer this rather lovely Ars Technica article on why they think a tablet is a PC as well as a chat conversation over this question got me thinking ...
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2 answers

Vintage computer on-topic?

Are questions about repairing and maintaining vintage computers and peripherals on-topic? I'm thinking, for example, of Commodore 64 Atari 800XL S-100 machines IBM PC XT These would seem to fit ...
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Are "Hackintosh" questions allowed?

I've seen questions about pirating software down voted and closed. I'm wondering if Hackintosh questions are also disallowed? If so, why?
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Shouldn't software installer problems be in-scope on SU even if the software happens to be a game?

I was surprised this question on Superuser got closed as "out of scope". Basically the question was, "Why is this software installer crashing on my new OS, when it never crashed on my old OS?". But ...
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2 answers

SuperUser question scope

Most of the questions I see or ask on SuperUser are regarding computer software or hardware, but would other forms of technology that somehow connect to computing be valid questions? For example, ...