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I would like to search my own question, even though somebody has deleted it

Some time ago, I have asked this question, and the comments contain the information I was looking for. Later on, that question has been deleted by somebody else. Now I would like to be able to search ...
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How to search for duplicates efficiently?

In my experience the search box in Close as duplicate dialog is almost useless. For example we have a canonical malware removal question. Its score is 454 as I'm writing this. It has over a dozen ...
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Trying to find one of my own (deleted?) questions

About 1.5 month back I posted a question about a strange problem concerning the connection to my smartphone through my router. I'm trying to find it going through my questions, "all actions" and my ...
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Is it possible to find all my questions which have answers from specific user?

Is it possible to find all my questions which have answers from specific user? I would like to see if I forgot to accept some of his answers.
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Internal search doesn't find questions when only part of tag is included

I've checked a post on my phone, than tried to search for it in my pc, but didn't succeeded for first try: After modification I've found it: There was just a slight difference: first search term ...
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Top Questions: superuser Alltime

How do I search and explore Top Questions: All Time on superuser? I thought I could be sneaky, and try "copy link address" and replace keyword hot, week or month ...
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How Boolean operators fit with tags?

I'm aware that if I want to search for a tag, I just type "[~~~]" in the search bar (just replace the tildes with the tag you want). But what if I want to include other things with it? How would the ...
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The accepted answer styling makes 'votes' invisible in search

See for example this search query: 'votes' is invisible here -- it's styled a pure white. Also, I believe there should be some border or background on the box surrounding the '2 votes'. Can this ...
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What is the mystery text appearing in the search box

What does the mystery text like user:328460 appearing in the search box mean ?
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Bug in search results

I did a search for "windows 2000", and on page 2 of the results, I see the following: Notice the last question in the screenshot just says 4 votes. I should actually say 1 vote and 2 answers.
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How to search a user?

I need to have a look at the question of a user, who posted it some weeks ago. I didn't actually remember the question. But I know the user's name. So the only way to find that question is to find ...
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To improve the Superuser search feature by allowing partially match ("like", "contains") logic

I asked this question: Type to navigate and open anything on screen by using keyboard ? Similar to In the content, there is the term "shortcatapp". But when I search using that term, ...
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Bug in the search implementation

I just noticed that searching for terminator (a well known terminal emulator) also returns hits for terminal: As you can see in the image above, terminal is highlighted as though it were a hit. It ...
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Search for specific user name only in comments where "@" character was left out

Can I search for a specific user name where other users forget to put a @ character in front of it, but only in superuser comments? Maybe via since it provides a comment ...
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Can we search for posts with links to specific domains?

I flagged yet another spammer today, and found she had an older post that got by. This annoys me, since I want them gone and burninated like forgotten toast SU and SE as a whole lets us search for ...
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Search for answers to questions by specific user, or vice versa

I know of the user:<user_number> and user:me search operators. However, I'm trying to locate something that I'm pretty sure I had included in an answer to a question posted by a certain user. ...
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A better way to search for answers?

Im sure this has been answered on SU before: Redirect ip-address to localhost However, Im doing a site search and cant find "the" answer. I tried "port forwarding" and "port forwarding how to" and ...
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Is it possible to search my own posts?

There is a question about a wireless issue - and I've replied on a post about wireless issue where another user has possibly already given an answer (although it's not a dupe). So, I wanted to search ...
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"Ignored tags" visibility preference misbehaves

I just had this happen: The single search result disappeared the moment the page finished loading. While it's possible to hide ignored tags (presuming this is a feature), I didn't check that ...
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Is there any way to see all the questions that are tagged with my favorite tags?

I want to visit and I want to see just all the asked questions or all active questions that are tagged with my favorite tags. I know I can search with one tag, but I want to ...
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search all comments made within the last month, and answers, to locate an interesting question?

How do I search all comments within the last month? I remember an interesting question, and of keywords in it all I recall is 2+ comments had the word project in them. So i'd like to see all ...
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How can I search through all Stack Exchange sites at once?

Including Area 51, Super User, meta... everything. Is there a simple way to do it in one search? I'm pretty sure Google-tweaking could do it, but I'd rather have an online tool for it - even if it's ...
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Tags problem for Superuser

Uservoice was discontinued, so I come here with this. The concept behind superuser is somewhat different than that of Stackoverflow and Serverfault. Questions about software are often limited to a ...
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Tag name not viewable when doing search on superuser

When doing a term search on and it switches the term to a tag. If the tag is a tag you are following, you can't read the tag text unless you hover over the tag. The tag get places under ...
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Duplicate results in SuperUser Search

I was doing a search over at SuperUser and had 6 / 50 duplicate results of What are the best Excel tips? appear on the first page of the following search:
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