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How to search for duplicates efficiently?

In my experience the search box in Close as duplicate dialog is almost useless. For example we have a canonical malware removal question. Its score is 454 as I'm writing this. It has over a dozen ...
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Bug in the search implementation

I just noticed that searching for terminator (a well known terminal emulator) also returns hits for terminal: As you can see in the image above, terminal is highlighted as though it were a hit. It ...
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Internal search doesn't find questions when only part of tag is included

I've checked a post on my phone, than tried to search for it in my pc, but didn't succeeded for first try: After modification I've found it: There was just a slight difference: first search term ...
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Search for answers to questions by specific user, or vice versa

I know of the user:<user_number> and user:me search operators. However, I'm trying to locate something that I'm pretty sure I had included in an answer to a question posted by a certain user. ...
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"Ignored tags" visibility preference misbehaves

I just had this happen: The single search result disappeared the moment the page finished loading. While it's possible to hide ignored tags (presuming this is a feature), I didn't check that ...
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