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Questions tagged [site-rec]

Don't know where to ask your question on the Stack Exchange Network? Let's find out where it could land. Do give an example.

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Where to ask a question about the best "zsh + iTerm2" for Windows alternative

I would like to ask this question (just a draft for now) I recently moved from MacOS to Windows 10, and I need to find a good terminal + bash substitute for what I had on the Mac (iTerm2 + zsh + Oh ...
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What are correct tags or SE sites for the I2P questions?

Are proper tags or SE sites for the I2P questions? I find out some specific links maybe clarify some things about what is the I2P: I2P Compared to Tor and The I2P are the main alternatives to the ...
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What's the best place to ask this question: "Should I Worry About Modifying a Database that Serves Content on the Fly in ASP.NET"?

What's the best place to ask this question?: I have a database that serves up the content for what will be a public website. In this site, certain users that work for our organization will be ...
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Would the following question be more suitable for SuperUser or Stack Overflow? I am finding it hard to ascertain whether the above question would be suitable for here or Stack ...
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