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Blacklist "Muscle" on Super User

The body building spam seems to be relentless and while lot more is blocked, we still see close to 4-5 posts every day about this. A search for "muscle" indicates that so far there have been 445+ ...
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Block suggested edit if the edit summary contains an email address

A follow-up from this question. I've noticed that many spam suggested edits have edit summaries that contain an email address (examples: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]). Spambots seem to be treating the edit ...
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shouldn't a spam post not bump a post up after the spam post is removed?

I notice this old thread How can I migrate mails from Yahoo! Mail to Google Apps? got bumped up it got bumped up because a spam post was made. the spam post was removed but it remained bumped up.
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“Please do not vote to close spam.” Why?

On a recent piece of spam, a user (Ramhound) stated: “Please do not vote to close spam.“ Why? Should we just downvote and close as spam? What is the harm in voting to close as off topic? Wouldn’t ...
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