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Questions tagged [specific-question]

If you have any issues with a specific question, use this tag. Include the link to the original question, if possible.

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Why wasn't this question deleted automatically?

Here's the link: As it's downvoted and old, it is supposed to be deleted automatically, but that doesn't happen. Looks like that'...
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What did I do wrong in my question about Windows Update?

I asked the question Windows Update gives 0x80070643 error on fresh Windows 10 install. I provided the steps that led to the issue and the troubleshooting steps I tried to solve it. When people ...
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How are there two *exact* duplicate questions? (Title, answers, author, date, comments, migration)

While viewing related questions on Meta Super User, I noticed two questions with the same title. Initially I assumed this was a strange coincidence or a bug in the system. But then I realized the two ...
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How to handle a suspected troll?

Consider the question What are file systems? - there is no indication of what research the querent has done, and punching the title into Google generates a bunch of links to sites (including Wikipedia)...
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How can I improve this question?

I recently asked Windows gets stuck uninstalling display languages, which wasn't received well, and got 2 downvotes, and I'm wondering what I did wrong/how I can improve the question. I can't really ...
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How is this a duplicate?

How to restore data after accidentally starting DD on a hard drive but stopping it before it went too far? Let's look at answers in the supposed duplicate: Click here in case you suspect corruption ...
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No screenshots after asking for it, added them myself, dropping the comment. Edit rejected: "This edit ... should have been written as a comment ...."

Edit rejected: This edit was intended to address the author of the post and makes no sense as an edit. It should have been written as a comment or an answer.
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Was this question closed because a new user made an (easily correctable) Markdown formatting mistake and (correctable, ESL) grammar?

WSL2 duplicated terminal was Mod-closed as "Needs clarity or details", but even as originally written it was (again) quite understandable to me. It definitely had two problems: The new ...
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Why was NAA flag on link-only answer declined?

I just flagged this answer:      Text: Have a look at this article: Unicode Easy Keyboard Layout for XKB as “not an answer” because it is a textbook1 example of a link-only answer.  What’s ...
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Is my question still too broad? If yes, why?

Some time ago I posted this question that was put on hold as too broad. A few hours later I edited it, hoping to make it more suitable for the site. Is my question still too broad? If yes, can ...
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1 answer

Do I need to post more details in this question?

I posted this question a day ago but it has not received many views and I haven't received any feedback for it. What can I do to attract more attention towards this question? How can I improve it? ...
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Getting downvotes I don't understand

Could someone please tell me what's wrong with this question I asked?, it first got a downvote and no answers, shortly later I changed the question and still I got downvoted again. I'v asked alot of ...
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What is the problem with this question?

Can someone explain with words, how is this question: NFS Server/Client administration of multiple machines through a GUI ... off-topic from SuperUser? Just to clearly point out that I've read the ...
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What was the right way to ask this question?

I have absolutely no idea what is the right way to ask this question. Diagram for Text Syntax To my own understanding I did not seek for "product, service, or learning material". Can you ...
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I created a resource for an answer. Are there specifications/rules to include it as picture or link?

I answered to this question "Looking up gnuplot abbreviations", in the beginning giving only the method to find the meaning of the abbreviations used or usable. After I've created a a resource (a ...
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Is this general printer refill question appropriate?

I asked a general question regarding refilling toner in laser printers. Is this question appropriate? When refilling toner, why only to half capacity? SuperUser is appropriate for computer support ...
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change question

I have asked How to connect multiple bluetooth A2DP/HFP-compatible phones to one bluetooth headset? hoping to find if "is there a product that does X"; however with strict "product recommendation ...
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Is a question about a Windows iPhone image type that turns out to be just about settings on the iPhone a better fit for Ask Different SE?

I asked How to browse the iPhone HEIC images on Windows without the automatic conversion to JPG? and found out that the fix is on the side of the iPhone settings. Windows does not play a role for the ...
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Reopen request: How to compare two word files?

Clicking on the linked question below leads to a "Page not found". Can this question be re-opened, because the duplicate got deleted? This question already has answers here: Closed 10 years ...
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Why was my question about not being able to boot from USB poorly received?

PC does not start from Windows 10 USB It got downvotes almost instantly. I would like to understand why? Maybe I can improve my question. I asked it because I kind of feel stuck in my quest to make ...
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Why was this question about downloading / uploading put on hold as off-topic?

In this question, the asker seems to be asking about how bandwidth usage is counted. A possible misunderstanding of its accounting may have led the asker to believe that if bandwidth is "used" by the ...
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Where should one ask and answer a question where the Q is more a Super User topic, and the A is more a Server Fault topic?

My answer involves networking-related infrastructure administration, specifically DNS. The question is more about being a power browser user. I guess the particulars - that is, the Q and A belong in a ...
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