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2 answers

Can have my own SO/SU/SF style Q/A site?

The design of SO/SU/SF is very clean and easy to use, I want to have a similar one to host the Q/A service in my local company, is it open source? or does stack overflow service inc. have the Q/A ...
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2 answers

Do I have to migrate my question to Stack Overflow?

Hi I posted AHK script is unstable while running, but I got a comment that I need to migrate this question to Stack Overflow. Do I really have to migrate it?
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4 votes
1 answer

I forgot my Super User email, how do I recover my account?

It seems to be a joke, but it isn't. I had been using Mozilla Firefox as my primary browser until today. From now on, I'm planning to use Google Chrome as my default browser. Weeks ago, I somehow ...
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The technology used for stack

The user interface of stack family websites is really cute. What technology/ frame-work is it based on?
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2 answers

Does the question I asked belong here, or is it better on stackoverflow?

I've asked the following question, and want to get the most exposure for it possible. Obviously, posting on SO would probably attract more views, but is OK for me to post such a question there, or ...
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2 answers

This migration to Stack Overflow was erroneous

The question Automatically add comma to end of JavaScript objects in VSCode (see Revision History here) was erroneously migrated to Stack Overflow. This is clearly a software use question – about ...
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0 answers

I don't mean to be a [git], but shouldn't we encourage people to ask on Stack Overflow?

There are currently 1824 git questions on Super User. While they're on-topic here, there's 96,800 git questions on Stack Overflow, and having questions on different Stack Exchange sites means that ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Why does this site have comparatively lots of posts for me to review?

Why do I find my review section to have comparatively lots of "Late review" and "First Answers" posts? On stackoverflow (which I believe is much popular than superuser) and android.stackexchange, I ...
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Would the following question be more suitable for SuperUser or Stack Overflow? I am finding it hard to ascertain whether the above question would be suitable for here or Stack ...
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1 answer

Help improve my question, or move to StackOverflow?

I'm seriously considering making a registry change in Windows that could impact a considerable number of all Windows users, which possibly would affect PCs either supported by, or using software ...
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1 answer

Inconsistent summary of questions already answered on Superuser

I have noticed that Superuser inconsistently provides the summary of posts on the left has side of the question. e.g. see the attached pic to understand my point: First Q on the pic appears to have ...
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0 answers

Quit bein' so blockin' [closed]

I think Stack Exchange is too strict on closing and deleting questions. Perfectly feasible questions are marked as low-quality, too broad, or "unclear what you're asking." Are we really going too far ...
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3 answers

Why Is SuperUser Designed to Be Hostile to Outsiders?

It appears that StackExchange sites, including SuperUser, are designed to convey hostility to newbies, non-professionals, and other outsiders whose form of expression is not advantaged by the ...
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