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Indicates that the feature request will not be implemented, or that a bug will not be fixed at present time.

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Tags are not appearing properly in Tags Field

Why this tags are not displaying properly on IE8? Whether this is an known issue?
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New style for part of super user

The logo for Super user, I interpret as a [ square bracket and a } curly bracket, with a · middle dot in between. [·}. To keep that style, I noticed a place it could be added. When there is a new ...
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Merge [laptop-repair] into [repair]

repair x 247 laptop-repair x 81 I think these laptop-repair should be merged into repair - just like battery and laptop-battery - (link). Questions about laptop repair can be tagged with laptop and ...
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No background on downarrow-beside-username popup on main page, but it is there on question pages

If I go to and mouse over the arrow near my name, it's hard to read because there is no background. I click through to a question, and on that page there is no problem. This is on Web+ ...
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