Questions tagged [status-planned]

A moderator-only tag to communicate that a suggested change to the site is planned, but has not been implemented yet. Also used to indicate in-progress tag cleanup requests.

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92 votes
7 answers

Manufacturer & Company tags are back. Again

We don't like company-only tags, and there's been various crusades in the past to purge them: Can we get rid of the company tags? Company tag necromancy: The zombie apocalypse! What should the [...
16 votes
1 answer

Burninate [diagnostic], [troubleshooting], and [debugging]?

diagnostic is used on 190 questions. A few are about diagnostic software, a few are about some specific display of diagnostic information, a few are on questions asking how to troubleshoot a problem, ...
18 votes
0 answers

Clean out our [container]

The container tag appears to be too broadly scoped to be useful in its current state. With its oldest question being from 2010, it is used for many different areas of expertise including but not ...
21 votes
0 answers

There should be no [untagged] questions

The tag untagged is applied to questions which either have all their tags burninated or to questions migrated from other sites whose tags from the origin site do not match any tags here. According to ...
15 votes
1 answer

Is [numbering] tag useful or too vague?

I am looking at the tag on SU, called numbering. It appears to be very broad and not useful at collecting similar questions. Should it be there, or removed?
18 votes
1 answer

Burn [version-number], [updates] and related tags

BUMP: I started to write a new question about version, then discovered that it had been raised 5 yrs ago, when there were 47 questions, but not resolved. Then I found this question from 2 yrs ago, ...
20 votes
4 answers

Could we finally get rid of [software-rec]?

I know that this has been covered before (for example here), but communities evolve constantly and our current view on this matter can be different. In my humble opinion, software-rec should be ...
26 votes
1 answer

Girl, you're a mess: [images] needs a makeover

This is a plea to add images to the tag-cleanup agenda. It was discussed tangentially in the comments on this meta question from over two years ago, but no firm plans were made to attack this massive (...
14 votes
1 answer

Time to downgrade [upgrade]

I propose we clean up upgrade. It is a meta tag that is bloated and all over the place content-wise. There are questions about upgrading operating systems, RAM, software, etc. Furthermore, some are ...
5 votes
2 answers

How should command line related questions be tagged?

This question/problem has come up multiple times in the past: Is command-line a meta tag? Retag cmd, cli, terminal, and into command-line SU Retag Request: [cmd] --> [command-line] I ...
2 votes
0 answers

Could we rename [cmd.exe] to [windows-command-prompt]? [duplicate]

Microsoft refers to their standard command line interface as 'Command Prompt', yet our tag for it calls it by it's filename, cmd.exe. It's also inconsistent with how we have other CLIs and shells ...
4 votes
0 answers

HTTPS links aren't accepted when proposing a duplicate

I'm using HTTPS Everywhere plugin which redirects me to HTTPS versions of websites if they are available. It works on SuperUser too, so all SU pages are loaded through HTTPS. I have just tried to ...