Questions tagged [status-planned]

A moderator-only tag to communicate that a suggested change to the site is planned, but has not been implemented yet. Also used to indicate in-progress tag cleanup requests.

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93 votes
7 answers

Manufacturer & Company tags are back. Again

We don't like company-only tags, and there's been various crusades in the past to purge them: Can we get rid of the company tags? Company tag necromancy: The zombie apocalypse! What should the [...
20 votes
4 answers

Could we finally get rid of [software-rec]?

I know that this has been covered before (for example here), but communities evolve constantly and our current view on this matter can be different. In my humble opinion, software-rec should be ...
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26 votes
1 answer

Girl, you're a mess: [images] needs a makeover

This is a plea to add images to the tag-cleanup agenda. It was discussed tangentially in the comments on this meta question from over two years ago, but no firm plans were made to attack this massive (...
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18 votes
1 answer

Burn [version-number], [updates] and related tags

BUMP: I started to write a new question about version, then discovered that it had been raised 5 yrs ago, when there were 47 questions, but not resolved. Then I found this question from 2 yrs ago, ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How should command line related questions be tagged?

This question/problem has come up multiple times in the past: Is command-line a meta tag? Retag cmd, cli, terminal, and into command-line SU Retag Request: [cmd] --> [command-line] I ...
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