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First ever Contribution deleted?

First time post and provided what I thought was a very much valid and relevant answer to a question. I then took the time to register and validated my email address in the hope that I could become a ...
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When will my blocking on superuser ends?

For asking questions of same type again, I was blocked from asking questions in superuser for more than 10 days. Still am not able to ask questions. When will my blocking ends ? Is there any way to ...
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All comments on my question were deleted without warning

All of my comments to this question of mine were deleted. I didn't think it was site policy for moderators to delete comments, least of all without any warning or notification, but if this is the ...
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Can the webapp policy please be codified in the site rules?

I'm working the close vote queue. I'm seeing a fair amount of questions up for closing, and I realized they are webapps. Once I realized the situation I could lookup the policy in Help or the ...
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Am I allowed to offer a cash bounty?

To workaround that fact I have insufficient rep for How can I start a bounty for this Question? .
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Attempt to open a closed question.

One of my questions has been closed as not a real question because some people fail to grasp the implied question. I realise this is a public board and I must cater for all levels, so I have edited ...
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Why is the location of files used by a programme off topic?

I opened a question some days ago that has been closed. At this moment the reason given for the closure is: the question where FreeCiv files need to go on an Android system is off topic here ...
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question is closed without proper reason

This was my question How can I benchmark Linux PC I see its closed as not constructive. Which means, This question is not a good fit to our Q&A format. We expect answers to generally involve ...
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Question Migrated but my flag was declined [closed]

Today I saw this question and flagged it as Very low quality because as far I know, it doesn't belong here and should be closed or should me migrated. I usually flag a lot of questions as Very low ...
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Fair application of non-existent rules [closed]

Previously we had a discussion about ReactOS. Essentially there isn't a rule against asking about "pre-release" software, but those questions were closed because ReactOS is declared perpetually "alpha"...
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How do I bypass the automatic affiliate linking on Amazon links? [closed]

Is there a way to bypass the automatic Stack Exchange affiliate linking when I post an Amazon link?
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