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A "tag wiki" is an editable page that briefly summarizes the topic of the tag and that may provide links to existing questions that are often useful to many people.

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How can I improve suggested tag wiki edit when there is no option to improve?

Screen shot shows (on top left) I can "Approve, reject or improve edits suggested by users" But how do I improve a tag wiki suggested edit? I have no option to improve it, only to approve or reject ...
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Proposal: [parental-controls] tag wiki excerpt should be edited, so that it's not Windows-specific

Situation The tag wiki excerpt of the parental-controls tag makes it clear that the tag is Windows-specific. Problem But Mac- and Linux-using parents, too, might want to impose parental controls ...
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How to make good tag wiki excerpts for software tags?

I recently came across the tag deluge which apparently is a BitTorrent client. Seeing that the tag had no excerpts but a few questions I wanted to add one so that users can easily see what deluge is. ...
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Need a better description for [Support] tag

Can we make a better tag wiki for [Support]? The current text is very unclear: Better Super User through use and working out why things are or how to better your experience here. Proposal based on ...
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