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Managing Management

file-management has 438 questions power-management has 326 questions password-management has 106 questions memory-management has 51 questions project-management has 45 questions time-management has ...
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Do we need the [version] tag?

There's currently 47 questions tagged with version. Although some questions might be in regards to different versions of software, I don't think tagging them with "version" adds anything constructive,...
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Lotus tag cleanup

While looking through some questions on lotus-notes, I found that some of them were also tagged with lotus, which has 34 questions. Looking through the lotus, many of them are just about Notes, one ...
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Tag sets and tag name consistency

Tag sets have introduced a way in which identical tag names are associated across SOFU & SX sites. We've got a few inconsistencies with SO, e.g., while excel and excel, are the user and ...
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Who can I contact if I want to create a new tag, but I don't have the reputation points?

I would like to create a new tag "graphpad-prism" on Superuser to flag questions on Graphpad Prism (a statistical program commonly used in biotech and pharma companies). Superuser appears to be the ...
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mac, osx, and osx-lion tags

It seems that these tags are used very often to refer to the same thing (see here). In fact (unless I read the search results wrong) there are 1,860 questions that use both mac and osx, and 212 that ...
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Should we be getting rid of unversioned tags where there clearly is a version?

I don't really see a point in questions being double tagged as brand-product product-version, can we please change these to brand-product-version as this would cover both tags? What do you think?
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Why is the question tagged twice with the same tag and yet the question count does not match ?

This question has been tagged twice with [windows-7-x64]. Oddly, the same tag shows up twice, with different counts. Clicking on each of those tags, brings the same questions, although one less than ...
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Use of [moderation] in Meta

TL;DR: Should moderation be added to questions about the general practices of using moderation privileges in Super User? Could it be better to create a new tag, i.e. "community practices" or ...
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What to do with [google-docs], [google-drive], [google-drive-file-stream] and [google-drive-for-desktop]

google-docs has 134 questions. Several years ago, "Google Docs" was the name of what currently is called "Google Drive". See What to do with "Opening local document files in ...
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Empty tooltip for non-existing tag

When asking a new question and creating a tag that doesn't exist I get just an empty hover-up box. I haven't tried to actually post a question with a bogus tag, so I'm not sure if this behaviour ...
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Is there any way to see all the questions that are tagged with my favorite tags?

I want to visit and I want to see just all the asked questions or all active questions that are tagged with my favorite tags. I know I can search with one tag, but I want to ...
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RSS feed for favorite tags?

I noticed that every tag has its own RSS feed, it's a handy feature to follow particular subjects. I wonder of there is something similar for own favorite tags: I know that I can individually ...
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Removal of html tag because HTML questions are off-topic

I recently had a html question put on hold here and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say although the questions are seen to be put on hold, the fact that there is a tag for html suggests to ...
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Color valid tags differently from invalid tags

I have an interesting idea for how tags work. No, it is not the new and improved tag, or a total tag makeover. In fact, it is a small change in how tags work that I think could help out a lot of ...
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Handling general plus specific tags in a question

In many cases, questions will be tagged with both a specific tag and a general tag. For example, network-interface and interface on a question dealing with network interfacing. Both tags are ...
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Add tag for drive-file-stream and for google-backup-and-sync

As the old Google Drive application is being depreciated on all platforms, I vote that we need new tags for its successors Drive File Stream and Google Backup and Sync in order to distinguish between ...
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Isn't it better to remove Linux and Windows tags?

Every time i see a question related to linux, i have to ask the user what distro are you using? Same applies to Windows. I think a linux tag is appreciated on since some users ...
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