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Can I ask what the definition of "enterprise services" is?

Can I ask this here? If not, what other stack exchange site would best? Apple’s New Era Has Begun Now Apple has set its sights on a much larger bite of the apple: enterprise services. It’s such a ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What does OP stand for?

I know this is a simple question. I see people leaving comments referring to the "OP". By the context of how its used, I think it means the "asker" of the question. Does OP stand for something? Is ...
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What does "kviews" mean? [duplicate]

As in the image shown, some questions have a certain number of kviews whereas others have N views. Why? What is "kviews"?
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What does accept rate mean?

I sometimes see thigs like "68% accept rate". What does this mean?
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What is the "flag weight" in my profile? [closed]

I have been recently seeing an expression under my profile picture which says: flag weight 250 What does it mean? What is it for?
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