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This tag is for questions specific to upvotes, the community's way of telling peers that their content was clear and helpful. Up-votes on the meta sites may have different meanings.

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Negative up-vote/down-vote ratio: is it effective mentoring, or too harsh?

Voting on the questions and answers within the Super User community has often been a lively topic of discussion. Our voting tendencies are deemed important enough that during past Super User ...
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2 answers

What should you do when you're not receiving any reputation for your answers?

I have posted several answers on Super User where my answers are the only ones posted for the questions, and they have never been accepted, nor have they been voted on. What should I do to ensure that ...
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1 answer

How to express extra appreciation for answer

I asked a question yesterday and the person who answered the questions went to great lengths to help me out. Is there any way that I could express appreciation for this besides just an upvote and the ...
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Why are some simple questions 'hot' while other more interesting, or involved questions get nothing? [duplicate]

I answered Does any mouse really have 11 buttons? earlier with what I thought was merely an interesting point but I wanted an image, so I used the answer format instead of the comment format. Yes, I ...
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2 votes
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How do we prevent upvotes on every bad question?

I noticed that many, many, MANY bad questions end up with at least one up vote. Case in point, this blatantly off topic (for everyone) question. Who would upvote something that has NOTHING to do with ...
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Why don't up-votes on comments give reputation?

I've recently seen a few up-votes on my comments on some answers/posts/questions. However, I've noticed that I never received any reputation from them. Why is it that we don't receive reputation from ...
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Are upvotes retroactive?

I occasionally hit the upvote button on a helpful answer in a community where I don't have upvote privileges. I get the message pop up that says my upvote has been recorded, but will not be displayed ...
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How did I exceed the reputation cap today from only upvotes?

Today, I received +201 reputation from only upvotes, exceeding the daily reputation limit of +200. This shouldn't be possible according to Help Center » Reputation & Moderation » What is ...
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1 answer

Something not right in the voting system

I asked this question. I pressed submit, and immediately my question was upvoted, faster than the speed of light, if you are a moderator, I don't if you can check it, but the first vote took less ...
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Should question owners be able to down vote on answers?

I have had a few questions with not so good answers. Could it be possible that question askers can down vote (or up vote) on answers to their questions, without rep requirements? Also, about up ...
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upvoting and reputation

I was under the impression that upvotes on an answer would yield reputation; However, I have noticed that I have received two upvotes on an answer, but I did not receive reputation. Also, I noticed ...
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-4 votes
1 answer

retaliatory down votes

At various times, my questions have received answers not properly addressing the original question, but instead targeted at a different question. Often, the user posting the answer will decline ...
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-11 votes
2 answers

VOTE UP answers for own question even low reputation for new users

I think it should be possible to vote up answers for your own questions even you have less than 15 reputations. New users can't vote up answers for their questions right now.
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Remove upvoting on comments under a question, only allow downvoting

If you don't know an answer, why don't you simply pass-by? No question is stupid. We are all human beings and can have different ideas at times and just because of difference, another idea can't be ...
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