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Issues with - allow users register with their email?

User Randolph Richardson is a contributing member of SU, but he is an unregistered user because he cannot get his account to work properly. I have offered to merge his unregistered account ...
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2 answers

Several issues with posting questions on

Crap title, I know, sorry. But there really are a few weird issues going on. I can't seem to post without a captcha. Ever. Tag autocompletion is flat-out not working I get a submission failure ...
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It’s annoying and hypocritical that reputation is split between StackExchange sites. [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why reputation is not passed between superuser, stackoverflow and serverfault? Why am I not permitted to downvote, comment, or use community wikis here on SU (yet) when over ...
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How can I merge a Gmail account and OpenID account with Superuser?

I have recently created an account with Super User with a Gmail account Now that I'm trying to login in only find the OpenID login and when i login with my OpenID it seems Super User doesn't recognize ...
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2 answers

Can I claim ownership of my answer to a migrated question?

I posted an answer to question on SO which was then migrated to SU as #215180. At the time, I didn't have an account on SU, but I've just created one and linked it with my SO account. Will the ...
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I found a 3-day-old spammer

He answered one of my questions and then I browsed his answers only to find out that he is a spammer. All answers are the same and are commending a shareware. I demand deletion of his account. name: ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Reputation Bonus

When I log in into another stack exchange website, I got 100 reputation bonus. I join superuser since the website started, and that time, there is no reputation bonus. My question, will I be able to ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How to merge duplicate accounts?

I had an account on StackOverflow and another here on SuperUser. Yesterday, I saw an option on StackOverflow to merge accounts, and I tried to do so. Unfortunately, I probably did something wrong, ...
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3 answers

How do you delete a Super User account? [duplicate]

Over on Super User, I logged in accidentally with another Gmail account, and created a new profile. Because of all the cookie/JavaScript/IP hocus-pocus, instead of a decent no-fuzz PHP login, Super ...
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