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High reputation users having trouble understanding Super User?

With about 1 million views a month at the moment, Super User is turning out to be successful, however due to the general audience the concept of a Q&A vs. a forum is still something we need to ...
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Community Voting System to accept answers not accepted by the OP [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Community bumping [status-completed] on meta.SU? I have noticed a lot of questions that are answered correctly and abandoned by the OP (i.e. they are not marked as accepted by ...
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How do you ignore a certain user on Super User?

So, I want to ignore questions for certain users from my Questions/Unanswered feed. How do I do that? The main reason for this kind of feature is that not everything that annoys me is against the ...
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Why do certain commenters take a rude tone with new users?

I saw this question: Video Player code (JavaScript, HTML5 etc), and I thought it might be good to give the person a way to solve the problem, even though it isn't on topic for this website. I've ...
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Sudden Loss of Reputation [closed]

A minute ago I reached 1,512 in 5 minutes from 1,474. Now i am back to 1,474 in just 5 minutes. How is this possible . Please any moderator tell me where I lost my rep. What is happening. Ed: I ...
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