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Revoking flags and close votes

I'd like to be able to revoke my own flags and close/reopen votes. Since it can take quite a while for question votes to accumulate, the questions often change in the meantime. The same applies to ...
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How do I undo my vote to close?

Maybe it's just me but on countless occasions I've wrongly voted to close after misreading the question (oops). Either that, or the OP has modified their question following a comment to bring it in ...
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Suggestion for new Vote to Close Reason: Shopping recommendation

Now, a good number of questions I get around to closing are obvious shopping questions, and tend to be closed off topic when I do. Considering shopping questions are a definite no-no, could we have '...
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Is it all right to use the flag option to...? [duplicate]

Is it all right to use the flag option to bring to attention an question that may need to be voted to close because it is off-topic. Example: What is the best stock market website ??
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What to do about torrents?

With, what appears to me, an outbreak of questions regarding torrents, torrent downloads, and torrent download optimization I am wondering what we should do with these sort of questions. Most torrent ...
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Please show close votes state for questioner

I would like to see how many close/reopen votes my question currently has. The ratiocination is such that I can decide how much effort I'm going to put into it, how many people think the same as the ...
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2 votes
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Quick way to find questions nominated for closing?

Is there a fast way for someone with 3k+ rep to find questions nominated for closing? If there's not, can we make one? I think this would prevent a lot of redundant effort, i.e. 5 different highish ...
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See possible duplicates in question

When one opens a question and starts typing a title, a list of possible duplicate questions is shown as illustrated below. I assume that this isn't used often since some quite obvious duplicates are ...
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Why is the "Spam" close reason for questions missing on SU?

I just came across a question on Super User I would have liked to close as spam. But looking at the resons for a close vote ... ... I noticed that "spam" was missing from that list. Along ...
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