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Stop asking me about cookies / multiple, nonstop popups

When I visit Super User, it asks if I want cookies. I am using macOS 11 / Safari. This is using the default setting Privacy > Prevent cross-site tracking. Not Private Window. Then I go through the ...
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3 answers

Off-topic questions on Super User

In the Super User FAQ, the following questions are stated off-topic: Programming, ask on Stack Overflow. Servers, ask on Server Fault. Web design and HTML/CSS layout, and your job title is "designer",...
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How do web-software related questions differ in superuser from questions in webapps of stackexhange?

I guess the web related software questions can be asked in either of the websites - superuser or webapps? Am I correct?
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Can I ask questions about software that is intended to be used online?

Can I ask questions about software that is intended to be used online? An example could be online virus scanning software. In the FAQ, does it only refer to software that users install?
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Is or another StackExchange site an appropriate way to ask information about websites?

I was going to post to a question of "I had a rough encounter with X; people should really be warned. Where besides Yelp should I post?" However, I'm not sure that questions about ...
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