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How to correctly review a “Very Low Quality” question requing closure without the “Vote to close” privilege?

Whilst reviewing the VLQ queue, I came across a question along the lines of can I do X?, which had comments requesting clarification as expected- "Did you try it?", "Check with manufacturer of X".

VLQ question

In my view the VLQ flag was appropriate, so I would Recommend closure.

VLQ Options, with freehand circle because freehand circles

However, as I don't have the vote to close privilege, recommending closure instead opens a dialog to raise another flag:

VLQ reflag

From here, I am not 100% certain. Without more information from the poster of the original question (or re-framing as "I am having problem Y and have tried ABC to solve it, how can I proceed?") it doesn't seem to be a good fit for SU and as such should be closed.

However, the other flags offered don't seem to apply:

  • Duplicate: not one generic enough to cover driver installation for arbitrary hardware, and not one specific enough to be exact to these requirements
  • Off-topic: it is about computer hardware and software, as defined in the help centre- none of the sub-flags apply
  • Unclear what you're asking: it is relatively clear what the user is asking, but it could certainly use more details
  • Too broad: there aren't too many answers, but I guess an argument that an answer would be too long based on the information given as it would have to cover numerous assumptions and possibilities
  • Primarily opinion-based: the questions is as asking for yes/no, so not opinion based I guess

Poor quality content should be downvoted, but there is no downvote UI on the review item1. I assume this is intentional?

I don't think other review actions are appropriate- I certainly don't think the post Looks OK, nor can I Edit it to make it on-topic without making big assumptions or changing the author's intent. I could Skip it, but that feels like cheating!

As it happens I flagged as Unclear to clear the review item, which was apparently helpful. Re-flagging a VLQ-flagged post seems like a cop out, but if this is the desired workflow I am happy to keep doing this. As a side note, I'm not sure where that flag goes! Can anyone clarify?

Is re-flagging an appropriate action in this case?

1: I can click through and vote on the question, but that doesn't affect the review item to my knowledge