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Daniel Beck pointed out a problem with the query I was using - a few more examples
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Sorry about the initial bugginess; definitely not the best way to introduce changes. Should all be working now, but please let me know if you run into something odd.

What if there have been a rash of Qs that are duplicates, with people possibly being driven to post the same thing repeatedly precisely because there has been no accepted solution yet?

In practice, this is pretty rare. To the extent that I would consider it one of those "exceptional" situations moderators are supposed to be useful for.

That said, here are all the questions from the past 90 days where at least one vote would've been impacted by the "must be answered" restriction:

Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer
Is it possible to install a bootable version of Windows 7 onto a flash stick?
I coudn't hibernate my Windows 7 system (Dell XPS laptop)
Bank card-reader causing Outlook to prompt for card
Ping flood attack every 5 seconds custom domain, Exchange ActiveSync too many connected devices
How do I get audio to auto switch between devices?
Translating Documents from a Foreign Language into English on my Computer?
What's the difference between Defaults and Properties when changing cmd.exe or PowerShell's settings?
How can I avoid accidentally re-sizing windows in Windows? (by reducing the "edge" size)
Disable Windows 8 Charms Bar top-right reveal corner
Cannot start Windows 7 repair, says different system version
How to disable write protection in my flash drive?
Is there some (free) RDC/VNC solution that allows to connect to PC behind NAT without doing router configuration?
Battery charge percentage jumps from 100% straight to 93%
How to log in to network share via Windows 8 File Explorer

(Note that some of these are closed as duplicates of multiple questions, some collected close votes that weren't "Exact Duplicate", and some ended up being closed by moderators anyway)

Look 'em over, see what you think.

  • 522
  • 9
  • 28