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Is answering to a software recommendation request considered spam?

I gave an answer today, being just a software recommendation, to a question, asking for a recommendation. It's now deleted, so here are the contents:

It exists and is called muCommander

   brew cask install mucommander 

For OS X knowing that the software is in the Homebrew is a full answer. It means that it's free, that one can install it with the command above, can read about it with brew cask info mucommander and also open homepage, upgrade and uninstall with appropriate commands.

I understood that it's quite short by the SE standards, but had no idea of what to add. Any speculations about pros and cons would be subjective, and giving a full usage guide seemed absolutely off-topic.

The answer recieved +1-2 votes and a comment, proposing that I should improve it according to the software recommendation guideline. (I need some advice on improving my answer, and I've asked a separate question about that.) Then, as I understand now, it was flagged as spam and deleted by a moderator.

So, what was so exceptional about my answer that a moderator had to intervene and delete it? I remember it clearly that a moderator is not supposed to handle ordinary situations.

Replying to the "any unsolicited advertisement is considered as spam." in comments:

I failed to find this definition of spam. Here's what is shown in the flagging menu:

enter image description here

The Help Center > How to not be a spammer says

...you must disclose your affiliation in your answers.

Again, I'm not the author or proprietor and I don't get any benefits from the link.

Here's the definition of unsolicited:


  1. given or supplied without being requested or asked for:
    unsolicited advice.

The OP asks to recommend a software, so the answers essentially have to provide links. How exactly is my answer unsolicited?

It was definitely not spam. It might have been a bad answer, but not spam.

So, the flag was a mistake here. It would require 5 more users to approve that it is actually spam and then the Community user would delete the answer (as having 6 spam votes). It is a normal moderation process on any SE site. I don't see how it requires a ♦ moderator.

Here are my questions to Sathya♦:

  1. Please provide a link to the page on the Help Center or elsewhere in the SE, defining spam as "any unsolicited advertisment".
  2. Please explain how can a thing, explicitly asked for, indeed be unsolicited?
  3. Please explain how should I disclose my affiliation, when I have no affiliation at all?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

I understand that it all looks like too much whine from a newcomer on the site. Sorry for that. But I'm an established user on two StackOverflow's and I've read through the whole help center and almost all of Community FAQ (had to because I'm taking part in translating FAQs). I know the definitions of good answer, good moderation and spam. Nothing of it was present in this case.