Tenorshare and affiliates Data recovery, password recovery, video conversion, and PDF conversion spam. Has various other names such as SmartKey. The scale of the spam and the fact that multiple malware programs have been found on these IP addresses suggest that the conduct originates from a criminal organization. IP addresses: ...


I have to say, I don't remember any instance of LMGTFY that uses that exact website/term. So I'm having a hard time seeing the problem. However, I fully agree that the site/the phenomenon are a rude and condescending response in the context of our site. So I would approve of a ban. When I see people being referred to Google, it's usually in a different ...


You post here asking for it to be blacklisted. It's usually preferable to just remove a bad tag, but if it persistently returns in volume that can't be kept under control by normal retagging, then it becomes appropriate to block it entirely. I've gone ahead and done this now for settings.


LMGTFY is as condescending and rude as troll. Both should be banned if they are not already.


Moderators don't have direct access to modify the blacklist; that can only be done by developers, and is non-trivial. However, having destroyed the spamming user and spam-deleted the offending answers, the built-in spam tools should have picked up enough information to hopefully prevent any more spam from this user. If you continue to see that specific link, ...


I agree. I don't see the point in having a new tag. Going through all the questions, none of the questions using the new tag can actually justify its use. It might be valid to have a tag like say, "new-devices", if it is justified in the question. But simply using "new" is worthless


I've removed and blacklisted detection and removal. The rest look at though they're being kept under control without the need for this.

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