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This may not be the proper place to post this, but because of traction, we were pretty much ordered to disable the bot's auto-welcome in the javascript chat, which makes it kind of a big deal to me. Since most participants in this discussion are seeing the auto-welcome as one finished unit, I'd like to say how it came to existence. But first I'd like to ...


This isn't actually an answer proper, but there's a few points where I suspect the process of well, all this could have run better. Hindsight is 20/20 , and this is not really a reflection on SE's moderation and administration processes. I'm posting this as a root access regular, and someone intimately familiar with the channel and its culture, and having ...


I suspended the bot because of the greeting, and only because of that, which is also what I told you in my chat message. Root Access is the general chat room for users of Super User, and any new user coming in being curious about the chat will have that bot greeting them. That is a functionality that the Stack Exchange chat system specifically and ...


You appear to have an unfortunate habit of lashing out (10k only link) and posting questions that are "shouting" or contain vulgar language. As a result the community probably flagged some of your questions as "rude or abusive". Questions or answers flagged in this way are treated very similarly to spam and will end up rate limiting and potentially ...


As mentioned in the comments, the [chat] regulars thought it would be a fun thing to plan a Birthday Event for DavidPostill. Ended up on the front screen, and I couldn't contain myself when people asked why... So I spilled the beans!


I'm in the same situation. At work, I can hit the site, but for some reason, I can't access the chat rooms. One of my conversations was moved to chat - game over! As a WORK AROUND, I simply inform the poster this is the case and request they delete their comments every so often. This keeps the posts clutter free yet, allows me to continue helping.


For reference, comments are not meant for extended conversations; they are for asking clarifying questions to the OP about the question, and to encourage editing to add extra information. This is why the feature to move a discussion to chat happens - Chat is where you can have extended discussions. If people are suggesting to try things, they should be ...


I think I have found a workaround. I clicked the diagnostics link. Then at the bottom of that page was a "login using SE" link. I clicked on that and it worked.

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