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Errors in superuser and stack overflow

You appear to have an unfortunate habit of lashing out (10k only link) and posting questions that are "shouting" or contain vulgar language. As a result the community probably flagged some of your ...
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Upcoming events.. a birthday?

As mentioned in the comments, the [chat] regulars thought it would be a fun thing to plan a Birthday Event for DavidPostill. Ended up on the front screen, and I couldn't contain myself when people ...
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Question moved to chat, where I cannot contribute

I'm in the same situation. At work, I can hit the site, but for some reason, I can't access the chat rooms. One of my conversations was moved to chat - game over! As a WORK AROUND, I simply inform ...
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Question moved to chat, where I cannot contribute

For reference, comments are not meant for extended conversations; they are for asking clarifying questions to the OP about the question, and to encourage editing to add extra information. This is why ...

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