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You mean this … … becomes this?


Here's a sample for visual reference I agree it's subtle, but we haven't received overwhelming complaints about this... edit: we decided it makes sense to change this.


We have updated the blockquote/code background colors to gray, like the one on Stack Overflow. The change is now live.


Here's some technical details about the colors: Body background-color: #FFFFFF, rgb: 255, 255, 255 Code/Blockquote background-color: #F5FDFF, rgb: 245, 253, 255 It's nearly white! Color-wise, I would classify it under gray not blue. I suggest increasing the saturation (hsv) by at least 8 units to #E0F9FF, rgb: 224, 249, 255. For comparison, the color here ...


Oliver Salzburg maintains a Super User Dark Theme userscript.


I'll try and address your issues individually here: As I stated, this new box requires a click to invoke and a click to dismiss, making it more work than the previous one. This is intentional, the hover behavior was not intuitive. We do however enable hovering once you click to open any of the buttons on the left, since you have declared your intent. ...

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