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This post is used for testing purposes; if you somehow don't have the new CSS (after doing a cache refresh like CTRL+F5) you can use an extension like Stylebot for Chrome and copy iglvzx's CSS into it. I'm unaware of such add-on for Firefox, so they might need to write an user style sheet or write a GM user script to insert a <style> tag. For Internet ...



From the screenshot, one can see that the font is something ricidulously wide. It's actually one of the fonts explicitly specified in the CSS (and not a generic sans-serif fallback for people that have no fonts), DejaVu Sans Bold, and therefore a legitimate bug. It specifies the font selection Arial, 'Liberation Sans', 'DejaVu Sans', sans-serif for the bold ...


Here's current use examples so it's easier for everyone to understand what's going on. I've actually noticed this before and been bothered by it, so I think it would be a good idea to fix this in some fashion. Code: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit Code block: Nulla et nibh sed quam sodales porttitor. Curabitur sed nisi et dolor ...


Thanks for reporting. Fixed!


I suggest doing like on Meta Stack Overflow, where code formatting inside a quote is made darker to make it more visible. This is how it looks there: Alternatively, only Meta Super User could do like Meta Stack Overflow, and Super User could have a yellow background for quotes like Stack Overflow.


In response to @Tom's bugs, the following CSS is a basic fix: kbd { max-width: 624px; overflow: auto; } Before: After:


Look at the much better "code in quote" in an answer on Ask Different and the same content looking horrible Super User: In general I'm still not happy about having a separate Apple community, but their CSS is much better in my opinion...


We do not support font-size only changes, zoom is the appropriate method to enlarge the page. We can't reasonably support portions of the page getting larger and smaller with a single layout that breaks under no conditions. Zoom allows people to get a larger font for readability without the trade-offs in layout breakage, so that's the model we support for ...


The W3C's HTML 4 default stylesheet does not define colors and leading web usability consultant Jakob Nielsen only argues that unvisited and visited links should be different colors. Since Super User does use different colors, one color not being darker or brighter than the other is trivial. If you must, you can use always a custom stylesheet in your web ...

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