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Here's current use examples so it's easier for everyone to understand what's going on. I've actually noticed this before and been bothered by it, so I think it would be a good idea to fix this in some fashion. Code: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit Code block: Nulla et nibh sed quam sodales porttitor. Curabitur sed nisi et dolor ...


Thanks for reporting. Fixed!


I suggest doing like on Meta Stack Overflow, where code formatting inside a quote is made darker to make it more visible. This is how it looks there: Alternatively, only Meta Super User could do like Meta Stack Overflow, and Super User could have a yellow background for quotes like Stack Overflow.


Look at the much better "code in quote" in an answer on Ask Different and the same content looking horrible Super User: In general I'm still not happy about having a separate Apple community, but their CSS is much better in my opinion...


We do not support font-size only changes, zoom is the appropriate method to enlarge the page. We can't reasonably support portions of the page getting larger and smaller with a single layout that breaks under no conditions. Zoom allows people to get a larger font for readability without the trade-offs in layout breakage, so that's the model we support for ...

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