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Its not one question - you have about 4 deleted questions as well, automatically deleted because they are zero or negative scored and have no answer. Question bans are automatic. Mods can't question ban you or lift it, though you get a chance after 6 months to post a question. While there are ways to appeal a moderator decision, literally zero moderators ...


I think company tags is good because with multiple tags it will be clear which technology you ask about with which company implementation for that technology.


I see the issue as whether the question is central to the computer, getting your work done on the computer, or using the computer to diagnose and solve a problem. If it also involves a network connection, it doesn't matter what type of connection it is, or what related hardware is providing it. So there's no reason why #3, 4, 5, or 6 would be off-topic. I ...


Vote to close the posts. Soon enough the low-quality filter will catch up and prevent the user from posting.


There is a logout button on the top right of the navigation menu.


You can find logout link here:


Just write the question and answer There was some lengthy discussion back in January about creating bootable Windows 10 installation media. The first comment by DavidPostill reads: Great idea! Feel free to write the canonical question/answer pair based on the info provided in your post. Going ahead and doing it got us the frequently-referred-to What can ...


Trust on Stack Overflow dosen't automatically translate to trust on Super User. You'll need to earn reputation here the same way you would on Stack Overflow. If you get 200 reputation on SO or any other site - all other accounts get an "association bonus" reflecting that you get the platform, and that you can be trusted on other sites to do things like chat ...


While the answer I reviewed was short, it perfectly answered the question. It was a duplicate of an existing answer. It was also deleted more than a month ago for that exact reason by a moderator. Since the question asked something which I found interesting, I even tried the answer myself before taking any review decision. It worked perfectly. Did you ...


Jim, They are considered 2 seperate communities. Stack overflow is aimed towards programming, unlike SuperUser. Answering your question, no you cannot import your reputation over. It needs to be earned here.


There is no transfer as far as I know - points are local to each community (while the user account is not).


Don't forget the Suggested Edit queue here. A minor edit might be made before the question was closed, and get approved afterward. If you see a question is closed, and it has a suggested edit, reject it with the No Improvement reason if it fails to address the reason the question was closed.


It might be better suited there, but it was asked here. Unless a question is specifically off topic here then there is no reason to push it around the network and potentially alienate users by forcing them to work out where they end up, logging into a new site and so on. If the user were to flag their question themselves then it would probably be ...


Just a few observations about the answer. The first link is labeled wrong. The link goes to Data Lifeguard Diagnostics but it's labeled Universal Firmware Updater. In the question, the OP lists having already tried that unsuccessfully. So that recommendation isn't for a helpful product. It looks like you may have initially posted your answer before ...


Detailing would be... charitable. 2 screenshots, 2 blocks of copied links and some blurbs copied right off the website of the tools do not an answer make. You might want to consider reading this Also consider talking about the use of these tools to fix the issue, rather than simply dumping names and descriptions in an answer. So nothing strange about it,...

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