Before I start, let's get something out of the way: So long as they have the appropriate privilege, a user can downvote a post for whatever reason.1 Though you haven't explicitly stated all of them, I am going to address a few of what I presume are your concerns:2 What is Super User supposed to be about? I asked if something was possible and my ...


Cause people who have earned a privilege have shown some ability to understand how things work. People with lower rep have not yet. SE fundamentally runs as a meritocracy


To answer the implied question of "why?" when you say: And now I cant ask a serious question! You have what is known colloquially as "history". Specifically you have a history of asking bad or off-topic questions. You have asked, in total, 10 questions on this site. 5 of those questions were closed, deleted and/or downvoted. For your information those ...


Turns out I cannot close my own question as duplicate, because the other question I found is not on this site but on meta.stackexchange.com. Keeping the question to allow others to find this answer that I found here: What happens with votes cast with rep < 15 exactly? What does recorded mean exactly? Recorded in database, separate table. (...


Yes, no and there's no visibility of it. There's super limited cases where mods can see who voted on a post anyway. So if you want it up voted, you can upvote it again I'm told the results of new user upvotes are stored but even as a mod, I don't think there's any visibility or practical value in them

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