Done. win10 has been merged into and synonymised with windows-10.


Apparently it is possible that we only have a suggested edit queue of 40 edits: What's the fixed size of the suggested edit queue? tells us that we only have 40 edits pending at a time. While there are currently on 35 edits waiting for review you may have hit it when there were 40 edits pending. An alternative issue... New editors can have at most 5 ...


As of March 2020, you can follow somebody else's question and be notified of any new answers; you will also be notified for edits to and comments on the question though. You can combine that with the setting to receive emails for unread notifications, as @DanielBeck suggested. There is also an RSS feed for a single question which can be found in the right ...


Your feature request makes sense, and it has already been proposed on Meta Stack Exchange: Allow bounty owners to comment on questions they've placed a bounty on, even if they have less than 50 reputation. It has been put on status-review May this year, so perhaps it could be resolved soon.


Is there any way to upload photos to a question or answer? You can upload any image(s) to Imgur and you will get link(s) you can share. Edit your question to include the link(s) and someone with sufficient reputation will inline the image(s) for you if you don't have enough reputation yourself (10 rep points are required to inline images). Further Reading: ...

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