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How should I have known the Duck was an April Fools prank and not a browser infection?

You could've figured it out because the Stack Exchange network is the only site affected. Go to any other site, and the duck is gone. This tells you the problem is on Stack Exchange, not on your ...
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Tag suggestion for the new kind of browsers extensions

The webextension tag would only be useful when used in conjunction with other more specific tags such as an actual product tag, as such it would be a meta tag. Problems with programming issues for ...
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2 votes

Cannot use the answer button on any stackexchange site anymore since site upgrade

You are using an old and unsupported browser. As a result performance and functionality is not guaranteed. It might work but there isn't much we can do. I appreciate that this is not helpful, but it ...
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Why do I have to use a bookmark to logout of SuperUser?

You don't.
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