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Why did my flag get revised?

Adding the comments: @Mokubai said: It seems that it may have just aged away because no one else voted to close You replied: I didn't vote close I flagged it. Right - That's the point. If you ...
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Why was my flag on this link-only answer declined?

It looks like the answer has now actually been deleted, and converted into a comment under the question, so you would appear to have been correct in flagging it as a link-only answer. So, it would ...
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What do the different colours of the comment flag mean?

Bright red means that you flagged the corresponding comment Dark red means that others have flagged the corresponding comment Gray means that nobody have flagged the corresponding comment
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What to do with a question about a script for Windows XP that became a list of different types of scripts

Do we really need to? Its different 'portable' approaches to a problem, and it isn't explicitly a gimme a codez question. Its also not a 'clear' software recommendation - but recommending software and ...
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How do I know if my flag was 'helpful'?

The "79 helpful flags" on your profile impact section should link to a page that lists all the flags you raised. You should see a link to the post you flagged, what type of flag you raised, ...
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