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As a long time user of the site, and someone who figured out the site in a kinder, gentler less confusing age, it feels like this is a aggregation of a few problems SE is frictionless for new users. You don't really need a login, until your cookies get messed up (or eaten) or you switch PCs. You don't need a logon but it helps ensure your questions are all ...


This isn't a problem with SE, it's a problem with you remembering your login info. There are a few things you could try Use a password manager like LastPass to remember it for you Use a Google or Facebook account that you are almost always logged into so that you automatically get logged into SE Write it down somewhere.


None of your questions have been upvoted - unsurprisingly because most of them aren't well written. No upvotes, no rep. You don't get rep for asking questions(unless upvoted).


This discussion has been bothering me for several days now and I think I finally figured out why. In the model for the community our first point is to Be Nice. We as a community failed at that. I failed at that. We had a member of our community who was struggling with an aspect of this site and we kicked him while he was down. And then we kicked him ...


This site (and Stack Exchange in general), provide a few ways for users to log in based on the technology/concept of OpenID. The idea being that you don't need to remember yet another account for logging in. Instead, you can use one (or more!) of your preexisting logons for other services to act as your account here. If you wish to check which logins you ...

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