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20 votes

Should answers suggesting a tool that is no longer available be flagged?

Leave a comment under the answer That would be enough to inform future reader who is interested in the tool that it is no longer available. That would be enough to inform the community to downvote ...
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9 votes

Edits which simply change the way URLs are referenced

A quick look at his edits looks like he's just fixing up links and formatting. The quality of these edits at a glance seem... ok, and he's actually taking the effort to write good edit reasons. Seems ...
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6 votes

What links count for the 2 link limit for new users?

Until mid-2010, all links counted toward the limit. This is indeed to prevent spam. Since intra-SE links aren't going to be of much use to spammers (as mentioned by Journeyman Geek in the comments), ...
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5 votes

How should I deal with link-only answers where the information in the link can't be copied?

Some link only answers can be okay if they are specifically telling us what exactly is at the link and showing why it cannot be copied. While we prefer a step by step solution here there isn't really ...
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4 votes

Why was my flag on this link-only answer declined?

It looks like the answer has now actually been deleted, and converted into a comment under the question, so you would appear to have been correct in flagging it as a link-only answer. So, it would ...
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3 votes

Should answers suggesting a tool that is no longer available be flagged?

Should a post like this be flagged for moderator intervention? No, it shouldn't be flagged just because the link is broken, moderators are already overloaded. What else you can / should do: flag it ...
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2 votes

Where have all the links to the meta site gone?

Five minutes later, the link is back. If it wasn't for the screen shots, I would not have believed this myself. Move along. There is nothing to see here.
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2 votes

The problem of the no longer working links

There are several solutions to this, depending on the exact nature of the problem. If there are many broken links which can be solved in a straightforward manner, by substituting part of the original ...
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1 vote

Is my redacting potentially harmful links the "right" action?

Reassuming various moderator comments: The preferred approach would be to flag the question for moderator attention and be explicit in the flag about what the issue is. A comment with a warning for ...
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