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You can go to your user profile and click on "my logins" to link another auth provider to your account:


Relevant help center pages: Why do I see the message “OpenId endpoint not found” when I try to log in? If you cannot log into your OpenID provider, or if you know your provider has ceased supporting an OpenID, please create a new account and then contact us to request an account merge. Still, it's better to prevent problems if you know this will happen, so…...


This page explains how to proceed. It's also a good idea to have a backup.


As of June 2018, openid is being depreciated on the network so its unlikely that a user will see this error message.


You should also be able to log in with any other OpenID provider that you have registered the same email address with, and you will automatically be logged in to your account if you have a verified email address.

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