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Is there a method to rename a tag without editing the questions?

We can't edit a tag directly, what we can do is created a synonym for apache as apache-http-server, swap it as the main tag and do a merge. -- Actually just did this: Updating post history, 2563 ...
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Useful tag edits rejected

I feel that I should throw in my 2¢, because one of those suggested edit rejections was mine. I rejected it partly because there were so many other things wrong in the question that you ignored —...
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4 votes

Useful tag edits rejected

There are different considerations for generally improving tagging on a question vs. cleaning up a deprecated tag. Organized Tag Cleanup Cleaning a deprecated tag is for the purpose of site ...
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Suggestion to retag Microsoft Store

Looking at the two tags I'd say don't retag, but there's a few blockers to what to do Having a good tag wiki for the one we're keeping seems essential, and include the fact that it was called the ...
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