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How is it possible to review 1000 "Close votes" within less than 10 minutes?

On January 28, 2021 it was announced that [emphasis mine] The Steward badge can now be earned multiple times for every 1,000 reviews in each queue. If you have already completed 2,000 or more reviews,...
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7 votes

Close votes queue is half-dead, can anything be done about it?

Close Votes has always been problematic. It tends to sit around the 200 mark all the time. It's always been that only a few people ever seem to look at it - possibly because it's a daunting & ...
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2 votes

Why are review audits so bad and are there any plans to improve them?

The downvotes so far would seem to indicate people don't like to be told they have to try harder. If you can't get an audit right, you weren't paying enough attention. Audits are a PITA, that's for ...
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