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Can I ask questions about electronics here?

Questions about general electronics would be off topic here. You may be better off asking at Electrical Engineering if you are a hobbyist or engineer looking to implement electronic circuits. The &...
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2023 stand about "troubleshooting"

I don't think its really changed very much Firstly - the troubleshooting tag isn't wanted because its a meta tag, not because it is out of scope. Presuming that OP's put/putting in the work/given us ...
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Ascii-art tag question marked as off-topic

Its a webapp - and as such out of scope
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2023 stand about "troubleshooting"

Here is my attempt to summarize the links in the question about the stand of SU about troubleshooting computers questions with something extra. Before asking a question, ideally the OP should search ...
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Asking about the popularity of a package manager

Probably not - Super User is for technical questions. Asking about package manager's popularity is something between being opinion-based and a software recommendation, both of which are explicitly off ...
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