I think both here or Home Improvement would be fine. Whatever you do, don't cross post please — just ask your question on one site. One of the DIY.SE mods said: It would be acceptable here, but you'd likely get a better response at SuperUser While I'm not sure we have that many questions on this topic, feel free to ask it here, and if you don't get a ...


Does this even matter? I mean, how many questions like this can there possibly be? That said, if it is being used as a "regular" personal computer (Linux, Mac, or Windows) and has "regular" PC software installed on it, I can't see the harm.


If you are looking to just wire up the face plate, then superuser would probably be best. If you have questions about how to run the wire, that's more of a DIY thing.


Before smartphones came along my teachers used to say that even calculators were computers. I think a computer is anything that can run software. Update: I would say a computer is anything that computes. And some devices, appliances, objects such as a house have computers in them but they would not be a computer. I would say there us a difference between ...

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