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In this case the accepted answer was posted by the person who also asked the question, and self-accepted answers do not receive the preferential treatment during sorting that an accepted answers otherwise would. This is intentional, and has been the case for self-acceptance since it was introduced.


When sorting by votes, the accepted answer is promoted to the top, regardless of votes - unless it's a self-answer, in which case normal vote sort is used without promotion. See also: No change in sort order. Normally, accepted answers are “docked” under the question. This is not true for ...


In this case, you are viewing answers sorted based on last active date. This will override the default answer scores sorting and show the answer with the last activity (posting or editing) topmost.


I am pleased to inform you that when the election voting begins, the order will be randomized. That applies to both the primary (if we end up having one) and the final election. Source: this MSE FAQ. Nominations are shown in chronological order with the newest at the top. This makes some sense; it makes it easier to find any new candidates one might not ...


Its a self accepted answer. They don't automatically go on top. It only happens when its someone elses answer. Its documented in main meta here


You've sorted the answers by the most active (See the active tab above the answers). If you sort by votes, then the highest voted one is top.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible