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I think there's nothing left to do at this point. It has been flagged to oblivion. Amusingly even if it wasn't spam, IIRC google take out files are only available for a limited amount of time, I don't think you can split them... so... it would not have been that useful anyway. In future though. On the books? Spam flag it. Reporting it to the smoke ...


It's not just this site; MathOverflow, Stack Apps and Ask Ubuntu are under attack as well. Here is a list of those posts. SmokeDetector will cast four spam flags on all these posts (so only two by 'real' users are necessary to destroy the spam), but unfortunately it has a bit of a backlog right now so it might take a while to kick in. ♦ moderators can'...


I'll try to keep an eye out. The community team is aware and I know they have a very special spanner for throwing into the works here

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