People trying to use ancient hardware and software come here for support. So just because a thread is REALLY old and seems obsolete, doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't still useful. The problem is when the Community bot gets a question stuck in its head, and keeps bumping it over and over, especially if the question has no value. I recently saw a ...


Meta sites have compulsory tags, of at least one you need to have. bug and discussion are compulsory. tags is not. There's a third type of tag called a status tag that only mods and staff can use that's red.


I'd like to suggest that we add a type of "close" flag - "this question is out of date and wouldn't benefit from an answer". […] It's not an option now. Make it an option: This should place the question in the proper queue for review. If few other users support you with their votes, the question will be closed. I wouldn't vote to close the question you ...


Can we stop old questions being bumped? No, as it is status-bydesign to get attention to old questions (that have no accepted or positively scored answers). This is one of the duties of the Community Moderator: Hi, I'm not really a person. I'm a background process that helps keep this site clean! I do things like Randomly poke old ...


Meta sites still track reputation internally - it's just never displayed anywhere. For example, your "meta rep" right now is 23. So you can still earn badges related to reputation, as odd as that may seem. See also: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/251249/mortarboard-continues-to-be-awarded-on-meta-stack-overflow

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