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I read this question. I went to do research on it. tried myself, searched on net, made changes and eventually I could find the answer to this question. I even tried 2-3 variations to find what is correct and is working. What you submitted was considered commentary. Commentary submitted as an answer will be flagged by the community and promptly ...


From Meta StackExchange: The Complete Rate Limiting Guide Users with < 125 rep on the current site, 40 minutes since their last question anywhere on the network (This applies to the user's IP address, not their account. If the user shares that IP with other users, they can be limited by the other user asking a question anywhere on the network.) ...


You question was not actually closed, it was simply cleaned up for inactivity. Without a sign that some positive activity is likely to happen here, such as someone wanting to answer it or many people wanting to upvote it, then it will likely receive the same fate in another month. Undeleting it without some effort on your part to make it more relevant ...

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