Questions that deal with our cleaning up unwanted junk tags.

Tags are how we keep information organized. However, some people , and it looks horrible. None of those tags would help enhance a question, and are useless tags. A much better tag would be something like , where it describes exactly what it's for, and not used as part of a sentence (except by the sentience presence in the SE network).

Each question should have the tag name in the title, and whether it should be burninated (destroyed), blacklisted (already destroyed, and it's come back), disambiguated (i.e. should be about or ?), or otherwise cleaned up. Except in a certain few cases (like when two or more tags are similar), you should post each tag as a separate request.

The general flow of a tag cleanup request is like this:

  1. A user posts a tag cleanup request. The request will be reviewed by the community and solutions will be proposed to remove or clean up the tag(s) mentioned in the request.
  2. Within some time, a moderator will review the request and decide whether to approve or decline the request. This decision will mostly be based on whether positive or negative consensus was established by the community.
  3. If negative consensus (or no consensus) is established, the request will be marked .
  4. If positive consensus is established, the request will be marked and the request will show up in the list of approved requests. The tag cleanup may then begin.
  5. Once the approved request is completed, the request will be marked .

Generally, users are advised not to do too many tag edits at one time, as doing so would flood the front page (because each edit "bumps" a question). The only exception to this rule is if the edits are performed during , during which alternative homepages like the questions page or the debug homepage are available.

Refer to A new way to clean up tags and Help us clean up tags! for more details on how Super User community follows the tag cleanup process.