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How to deal with questions regarding Windows 10 icon troubles

An answer just because there isn't one. The proper way to deal with any quantity of repeated questions with the same question in them is to mark them as duplicates. Marking as a dupe requires a few ...
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Different between Superuser and superuser meta

From the Help pages - which every user should read & be familiar with Super User is for computer enthusiasts and power users. If you have a question about … computer hardware, computer software, ...
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Why can’t I post an answer to a question titled: “ASUS Armoury Crate installation fails with error 102”

The question you want to answer is protected. This is a special mode that can be automatically or manually enabled for questions that are receiving lots of low-quality or non-answers. You cannot see ...
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How do we handle Windows 10 (Threshold 2) Questions?

Consistency would be that we treat these the same way as we would windows8 and windows8.1 and have a new tag for each major(ish) version. What to name those tags though is the question. windows10-...
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Question closed because I don't know what commands I can use on this case

“I would understand if nobody is going to take the time to solve this for me…” This site is not a script coding service. All your question does is state what you are trying to do and not showing any ...
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Different between Superuser and superuser meta

Essentially, (Almost) every single site has a "meta" site, for asking questions about the site. Sometimes, you might want to appeal or understand a closure. Other times, you might want to ...
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How do we handle Windows 10 (Threshold 2) Questions?

Aren't they all using Windows 10 anyways? Why must we use the reductio ad absurdum with tags when there isn't any actual gain for asker and answerers? People can't even tell whenever their question is ...
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