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Sander ten Brinke is currently working at Arcady as a Lead Software Engineer. Arcady is a Dutch IT consultancy firm based in Zwolle.

Sander is also a Microsoft MVP since 2022 in the category Developer Technologies!

Sander loves working with .NET, Azure, CI/CD and a whole lot more. He also has experience with modern web development practices like Angular and Vue and, like you should expect from a Dutch person, is very experienced with Cloudy environments and thus knows how to deploy applications safely in the cloud with with all kinds of Azure services, including Storage, Databases, Functions, App Service and Kubernetes. He is also using AWS at his current gig, so there is no shortage of experience with the cloud! He also has experience with building apps with Xamarin and .NET MAUI and knows how to build games with Unity. Also, he has experience with other programming languages like Python, PHP and Java but doesn’t use these often.

He always stays up to date with all new technology and loves sharing his knowledge with everyone! You can find him on Stack Overflow or the .NET Slack group quite often!

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